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Starting in 2014, we began the development, testing, and production of machine vision systems. After nearly three years of experience accumulation, we have successfully established a complete machine vision production line, covering research and development, manufacturing, and sales services. We continuously strive for innovation and improvement to meet the needs of the printing industry for machine vision technology.
In 2017, our company was officially established in Changchun, a renowned optical research and development hub in China. Since its inception, our company has experienced three significant leaps in growth.
The company has successively introduced internationally advanced processing and testing equipment, including 3D digital measurement instruments, Lambda950 spectrophotometers, and Trioptics optical transfer function testers. We primarily focus on the research and production of high-definition fixed-focus security surveillance lenses and machine vision lenses with resolutions of 3MP and 5MP. These products are widely used in precision instruments, medical equipment, automation equipment, new vehicles, security surveillance, and high-definition road monitoring, among other fields.
In 2019, the company achieved an annual output value of over 43.5 million yuan, with a rapid average annual growth rate of 30%. Currently, our products have obtained multiple international and domestic quality certification certificates. In 2017, the company invested over 50 million yuan to establish a new production base, which has been completed and put into operation. The new base covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with a factory area of nearly 10,000 square meters. The number of employees has expanded to nearly 200.
The products have been comprehensively upgraded, and the product line has been expanded to 20 series, including industrial cameras, telecentric lenses, and telecentric light sources.
The company will never stop the pace of exploration and development, and will develop synchronously with domestic and international companies.