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Industrial Testing
Machine vision technology is utilized on factory production lines to replace manual inspection, enabling real-time monitoring of product status. This helps prevent the shipment of defective products caused by factors such as human fatigue, while also reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency for manufacturing enterprises.
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Transportation Industry
Intelligent transportation technologies, such as single camera configurations, digitalization, and industrial-grade cameras, enhance road management, reduce traffic accidents, and improve transportation efficiency.
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Automobile Industry
As one of the earliest machine vision manufacturers in China, Lanao Optoelectronics has accumulated a lot of experience in the automotive application industry.
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Logistics Industry
LANO Vision Systems can provide solutions for many applications in the logistics industry.
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Pharmaceutical Industry
The application of machine vision in the medical field has been from the traditional visual inspection of drug packaging, medicine bottles, labels, etc. to the current detection of biological chips, X-rays in the radiology department, etc. Through the introduction of machine vision systems, the collection and storage of image information are completed. , management, processing and transmission functions.
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Printing Industry
The working principle of machine vision for printing and packaging quality inspection is also very simple. The image of the printed product is captured (collected) with a camera, and compared with the standard image (template) of the printed product in the computer. If the difference is found and exceeds the set tolerance range, that is, it is determined to be an unqualified product.
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