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Automobile Industry
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Automobile Industry

Machine vision technology has been widely used in all aspects of automobile manufacturing, such as the size and appearance quality inspection of auto parts, assembly inspection, etc. As one of the earliest machine vision manufacturers in China, Lano has accumulated a lot of experience in the automotive application industry.


Auto parts have the characteristics of high quality requirements, large batches and different shapes. Each part is related to the quality of the whole vehicle. Therefore, there are many dimensions measured and high precision requirements. It needs to be carried out one by one measurement according to the characteristics and types of different parts. At present, most car manufacturers have replaced ordinary CMMs with machine vision systems.


Application areas: detection of headlights, detection of outer edge and surface difference of headlights, detection of steering wheel castings, surface detection of interior aluminum plates, glue coating, spraying, welding seam detection, automobile wheel hub positioning, etc.