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Logistics Industry
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Logistics Industry

A typical distribution center or warehouse is under great pressure to increase productivity and reduce labor costs as it receives merchandise from various suppliers and delivers those merchandise to specific terminals or holds it for shipment at a future date. One of the ways distribution centers can achieve this goal is to upgrade to digital barcode reader technology that provides higher read rates.


Vision systems can provide solutions for many logistics industry applications. For example, automated sorting systems improve inventory management by integrating computer software and POMEAS machine vision technology to move and track merchandise in factories. Goods are tracked using 1-D and 2-D barcodes on each side of the package, often requiring rapid sequential or simultaneous reading.


Logistics industry vision system solutions:


High Resolution Bilateral Telecentric Lens


Gigabit Ethernet Interface Industrial Camera


Industrial computer: I5CPU 4G memory


The logistics automatic sorting operation is designed to meet various packaging sorting requirements. Image-based barcode readers are key to decoding information and ensuring correct packaging sorting and delivery. High read rates at automated sorting locations are important for reducing labor costs and increasing throughput for these barcode reading applications.

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