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Transportation Industry
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Transportation Industry

Intelligent transportation is the development direction of future transportation. After using intelligent transportation technology to improve road management, the number of deaths in traffic accidents can be reduced by more than 30% every year, and the efficiency of transportation can be improved by more than 50%.


Replacing multiple camera configurations with a single camera: Today's machine vision cameras are far more advanced than those of the past. Therefore, a system configuration of multiple cameras can be replaced by a single camera, so that 1 or even 2 lanes can be monitored by one camera.


Moving from analog to digital: Analog cameras have inherent performance limitations on ITS systems was always the only viable option. Digital cameras with GigE Vision and CoaXPress interfaces now enable long distance transfers between cameras and PCs, making digital machine vision cameras a viable ITS solution.


Switch to industrial-grade cameras: Cameras in ITS systems have to be outdoors for extended periods of time in harsh, changing environments. Additionally, with new installations that place cameras directly above the road is important to reduce road maintenance to keep roads clear.