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Transportation Industry

Intelligent transportation is a pivotal direction for future transportation development. By harnessing intelligent transportation technologies, the level of road management can be significantly enhanced. This, in turn, leads to a reduction of over 30% in annual traffic accident fatalities, while also improving the efficiency of transportation vehicles by more than 50%.


The replacement of multiple camera configurations with a single camera is a highly effective solution in modern machine vision technology. The advancements in today's machine vision cameras surpass those of their predecessors, enabling a single camera to monitor one or even two lanes. This streamlined configuration simplifies system setup and maintenance processes.


Furthermore, the transition from analog to digital cameras is a notable trend in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Analog cameras inherently possess performance limitations, making them the only viable option for a long time. However, digital cameras equipped with GigE Vision and CoaXPress interfaces now facilitate long-distance transmission between cameras and PCs, making them a feasible solution for ITS applications.


The adoption of industrial-grade cameras is another critical aspect within ITS systems. These cameras are designed to withstand harsh and ever-changing outdoor environments over extended periods. Additionally, deploying cameras directly above roadways, through innovative installation methods, is vital for minimizing road maintenance efforts and ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow.


Keywords: intelligent transportation, road management, camera, digitalization, industrial-grade cameras, image quality, traffic congestion.

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