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Changchun Lano Photonics Co., Ltd. is located in Changchun, a famous optical base. It is a comprehensive company integrating product development, production and sales. At present, our company has 15 professional R&D personnel, including 4 senior engineers, 4 personnel with intermediate titles, 7 technicians and 3 process experts. Our company independently develops high-resolution industrial cameras, industrial lenses, security lenses, machine vision light sources and other products, which are deeply loved by customers in the international market.


In 2021, a new R&D base will be built, and a lot of money will be invested in the R&D of new products. After R&D center is established, the ability to develop new products has been optimized, and the forces have been combined, which is conducive to the standardization and industrialization of new products. Independently transform it into production, form an industrial chain, and sell well in many countries and regions around the world, with an output value of USD 8 million in 2021.

Optical Component Inspection Equipment