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Lano Photonics debuted at the Munich Photonics Exhibition!
Release Time: 2019.06.15

In the dynamic year of 2019, characterized by both opportunities and challenges, the machine vision industry is undergoing unprecedented transformations. Recognizing this, our company actively participated in the esteemed 2019 Munich Photonics Exhibition. This international gathering brought together thousands of photonics companies from across the globe at the renowned Munich New International Expo Center. The event showcased a plethora of innovative products featuring novel designs and cutting-edge technology, alongside brand-new solutions and application technologies that align with global trends. Furthermore, the exhibition served as a platform for substantial investments and visits from prominent traders, facilitating the transformation of advanced science and technology into tangible productivity. Lano Photonics, driven by a commitment to pioneering and innovation, strives to achieve steady and robust development.


During the exhibition, Lano's FA industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, lenses, prisms, and other products garnered significant attention from both domestic and international customers. Notably, customers from the United States, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, and various other locations displayed keen interest in our offerings. Among these interactions, American customers procured samples of Lano lenses and expressed intentions to make substantial future purchases. Customers from Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan demonstrated interest in light sources and lenses, respectively, while Turkish customers planned a factory visit in mid-June to explore potential collaborations.


The Munich Photonics Exhibition provided an excellent platform for our company to effectively showcase and promote our products. This event allowed us to gather valuable customer information, enabling us to gain deeper insights into market demand. Moreover, the exhibition offered valuable opportunities for us to engage in meaningful exchanges and learning experiences with industry professionals. Through these interactions, we were able to explore prospects, foster collaborations, and seek common development in our field.