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Lano Photonics debuted at the Munich Photonics Exhibition!
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Lano Photonics debuted at the Munich Photonics Exhibition!
Release Time: 2019.06.15

2019 is a year full of opportunities and challenges, and the machine vision industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. In view of this, our company participated in the 2019 Munich Photonics Exhibition, when thousands of photonics companies from all over the world will gather at the Munich New International Expo Center. Various new products with novel designs and leading technology, brand-new solutions and application technologies that keep up with the world trend will appear on stage one after another. At the same time, a large number of investments and traders' visits to the exhibition will pave the way for the transformation of advanced science and technology into real productivity. Lano Photonics strives to develop steadily and vigorously in pioneering and innovation.


At the exhibition, Lano's FA industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, lenses, prisms and other products received extensive attention from domestic and foreign customers, mainly from the United States, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Canada and other places. Among them, American customers purchased samples of Lano lenses and said that they would purchase large quantities in the later stage; Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan customers were interested in light sources and lenses, respectively, and Turkish customers planned to inspect the factory in mid-June...



Through the Munich Photonics Exhibition, the company's products have been well displayed and promoted, and a large amount of customer information has been obtained, further grasping the market demand, and having the opportunity to communicate and learn with industry professionals, build prospects and seek common development.