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Future market demand for smart home security monitoring
Release Time: 2022.03.20

With the rapid development of home informatization, users' demands for home security monitoring are becoming more and more intense. At present, video surveillance is mainly used in residential areas that are closely related to the industry and family, and there are still relatively few applications for home security monitoring. Under the guidance of the policies of safe cities and safe families, the continuous improvement of the home network environment, the enhancement of user spending power, the growth of security awareness, and the increase of independent living families, domestic home security monitoring will begin to rise.


With the home camera as the core, the temperature sensor, smart switch, infrared forwarding, human health data collection and other equipment are connected through the gateway to realize the unified management of inductive push, real-time preview, and remote control process.


The functions of civilian security cameras are not limited to simple nursing functions, and can be expanded infinitely through smart accessories. It is conceivable to imagine such a scene. Before going home, you can use your mobile phone to turn on the water heater, air conditioner and other equipment in advance. When there is any water leakage or air leakage in the home, you can receive an alarm, automatically deal with the emergency, and automatically notify the property department to deal with it. These are now All have prototypes, and they can be widely used in the near future.


Secondly, although the functions of home security products will continue to be enriched in the future, with more targeted needs, more targeted products will be available.


For example, a child companion camera with intelligent voice function can provide more professional functions for children, and an IoT camera for pets can be connected to wireless speakers, timing feeding and other functions.


Finally, the development of the home security monitoring market is inseparable from a unified Internet platform. Just like the mobile phone industry, although there are countless mobile phone brands on the market, the mainstream system platforms are only a few such as IOS and Android.


When a unified and mature IoT platform emerges, home security products will inevitably support such a platform. The home security market will undoubtedly continue to grow, but the general direction is nothing more than security, trust and technology.


In short, home security monitoring will attract more and more people's attention. With the rapid development of technology, home security monitoring system will usher in another development prospect.