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What are the characteristics of machine vision light sources?
Release Time: 2022.03.20

1. Broad spectrum


The color of the light source and the color of the surface of the detected object together determine the size of the spectrum reflected to the camera and its wavelength, while white light or a relatively special spectrum needs to have a larger spectrum to extract the characteristic information of other colors accurately. The machine vision light source has a very wide spectrum, which can fully meet the spectral requirements of various light extraction features of the object under test.


2. High efficiency


Many ordinary light sources generate a lot of heat when they provide lighting, so the energy consumption is also very large, and the energy cannot be used efficiently, resulting in a large waste, such as tungsten lamps. However, the machine vision light source has extremely high light usage efficiency, because it does not generate high temperature during the lighting process, so it can emit more light energy relative to the energy consumption.


3. Long life


Since the machine vision light source generally needs to be used continuously for a long time, in order to fully meet this rigid demand, the visual light source usually adopts LED lights, which is to effectively prolong the service life of the LED lights without generating high heat during use. And compared with ordinary lights, LED lights will not reduce the energy released with the aging of the light source, nor will it affect its spectral characteristics.


The above aspects are the main characteristics of top machine vision light sources. Through the introduction of these features, everyone will have a deeper understanding of the machine vision light source, so that the visual light source can be better used in the actual production process, so that it can give full play to its due advantages and functions, In order to ensure the quality of the products we produce, we must check the quality of the products.