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Gather our hearts and thoughts , experience a happy summer tour
Release Time: 2022.07.31

July 31 , 2022 , the company organized employees to gather in the garden holiday courtyard of Youhao Village, Jingyue Development Zone , bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, and came to the pleasant courtyard to enjoy the cool , have a meal and chat , and the time was not rushed. Beauty is close enough to reach .



  Team building activities can allow employees to relax their minds and bodies in their spare time, put work pressure temporarily away, reduce their work pressure, and have more enthusiasm to devote themselves to new work in the future, which can create more The interests make the whole company develop better and go further.



With a hint of joy and a little nostalgia, as the sun sets,... the tour of the garden holiday courtyard gradually comes to an end. This activity not only relaxes everyone, but also improves everyone's collective sense of honor and team awareness, which has played a role in creating a united, tense and serious working atmosphere among colleagues in the department.