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Lano Photonics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in machine vision solutions in Changchun.

Has been committed to the promotion and innovation of machine vision and image processing technology

Can fully satisfy customers in

Various needs in machine vision, industrial robots, etc.

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Future market demand for smart home security monitoring
With the rapid development of home informatization, users' demands for home security monitoring are becoming more and more intense. At present, video surveillance is mainly used in residential areas that are closely related to the industry and family, and there are still relatively few applications for home security monitoring. Under the guidance of the policies of safe cities and safe families, the continuous improvement of the home network environment, the enhancement of user spending power, the growth of security awareness, and the increase of independent living families, domestic home security monitoring will begin to rise.
Macro lens application advantages
Macro lens is a special lens used for macro photography, mainly used to shoot very subtle objects, such as flowers and insects. In order to focus correctly on very close subjects, macro lenses are usually designed to be stretched longer to keep the optical center as far away from the sensor as possible. At the same time, the design of the lens group must also focus on Control of deformation and chromatic aberration at close range.
What are the characteristics of machine vision light sources?
1. Spectral width The color of the light source and the color of the surface of the object to be detected together determine the size and wavelength of the spectrum reflected to the camera, while white light or a relatively special spectrum needs to have a larger spectrum to extract the characteristic information of other colors accurately. . The machine vision light source has a very wide spectrum, which can fully meet the spectral requirements of various light extraction features of the object under test.
What is the difference between infrared camera and ordinary camera?
Infrared cameras and ordinary cameras are widely used in various fields. It brings great convenience to people's daily life and work. So what is the difference between infrared camera and ordinary camera?
Lano Photonics debuted at the Munich Photonics Exhibition!
In the dynamic year of 2019, characterized by both opportunities and challenges, the machine vision industry is undergoing unprecedented transformations. Recognizing this, our company actively participated in the esteemed 2019 Munich Photonics Exhibition. This international gathering brought together thousands of photonics companies from across the globe at the renowned Munich New International Expo Center. The event showcased a plethora of innovative products featuring novel designs and cutting-edge technology, alongside brand-new solutions and application technologies that align with global trends. Furthermore, the exhibition served as a platform for substantial investments and visits from prominent traders, facilitating the transformation of advanced science and technology into tangible productivity. Lano Photonics, driven by a commitment to pioneering and innovation, strives to achieve steady and robust development.
Photonics West 2018 was a complete success!
January 30, 2018 - February 1, 2018 Photonics West was opened in San Francisco, USA. Photonics West has become the largest optical trade fair in North America and one of the world's leading trade fairs in the photonics industry. Relying on the geographical advantages, technological advantages and popularity advantages of Silicon Valley in California, the exhibition has been developing steadily since its establishment, and the development in recent years is even more remarkable.
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